Big Xplorer

Big Xplorer is a fully functional browser that uses Internet Explorer to view web pages.
It is very easy to use and has some features that some other browsers do not have.

In order to facilitate activities such as playing browsergames, listening to music, presenting web pages, etc., the address bar is hidden, which can be displayed again with the F3 key.
Furthermore, the window design can be changed with F1 and thus even the window border can be hidden. With F2, you can easily create a screenshot of the opened website, which is then saved in the configured path. With F11 you can switch Big Xplorer into full screen mode and with F12 you can minimize the window. The settings can be opened very easily using the gearwheel in the address bar or with CTRL + I. In there, you can also change the start page and the window title of the software. The set home page, when supported, is also automatically used as search engine.
Es werden die Betriebssysteme Windows 8.1 und Windows 10 zur Benutzung empfohlen.

The software Big Xplorer is no longer being developed or supported and does not longer receive updates. Because Big Xplorer uses the Internet Explorer, which can contain large vulnerabilities, caution is advised.



[F3] -> Open the adress bar
[CTRL] + [I] -> Open the configuration
[CTRL] + [+]-> Zoom in
[CTRL] + [-] -> Zoom out
[CTRL] + [F] -> Search the website
[F1] -> Change the window design
[F2] -> Take a screenshot
page up -> Scroll up
page down -> Scroll down
[F11] -> Fullscreen
[F12] -> Minimize

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Fully functional!

Fully configurable!

Good for browser games, etc.

Screenshots can be easily created using the "F2" key

The home page is simultaneously the search engine

Languages can be changed or added easily